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The Cana Wedding Wine Jars Were Likely Crafted in a Cave and Archaeologists Think They’ve Found It

Do you remember the story of Jesus’ first miracle when he turned water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee? This miracle is recorded in John 2:1-11. Recently, archaeologists have discovered what they believe is the workshop where the vessels were made that likely held the water (and wine) at the wedding feast.

An archaeological team with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is currently excavating a quarry that was used for producing chalkstone containers during the Roman era, according to Christian Today. The quarry is located in Reina in Lower Galilee.

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Matthew McConaughey Shares the Amazing Story of How His Son Received a Biblical Name

Actor Matthew McConaughey recently shared how he and his wife chose the name for their son, Levi.

McConaughey, who has made no secret of his Christian faith, told the hosts of Good Morning America that he and his wife weren’t sure what they were going to name their now nine-year-old child, but when he was born, they decided on Levi because that name had biblical significance for McConaughey.

“Levi's another name for Matthew in the bible,” he said. “We [he and his wife Camila Alves] had talked about possibly Matthew, Jr. if he was a boy. And my favorite [verse] in the bible is Matthew 6:22.”

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Eight Churches in Baghdad Close Their Doors Forever as Christians Continue to Flee Iraq

The liberation of Mosul came after nine hard months of fighting and three brutish years of occupation. All eyes have fixated on this noteworthy event; however, just south in Baghdad, eight churches have been closed due to the significant loss of the Christian populace.

The eight Baghdad churches were closed in May of 2017, after nearly seven years of low to no attendance. After the regional Catholic Church authority visited the churches, the Vatican decided that it was best to close the doors for good. While this makes logistical sense, it represents a symbolic defeat for the Church in the capital of Iraq.

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34 Christians Tragically Killed in Madagascar When Bus Plunges down Steep Ravine

A group of young Christians were on their way to a pilgrimage in Madagascar when the bus in which they were traveling overturned and at least 34 of them were killed.

According to Christian Today, 140 Christians were traveling on the bus when it plunged down a steep ravine and burst into flames in the town of Ankazobe, about 45 miles from Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital. At least 12 people were badly burned and died. Local hospitals have reported at least 22 more deaths.

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